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Intercepting webpage elements via terminal emulator

Yes,its possible. Terminal can also these kind of stuffs. It can also intercept webpage elements. Same as like a browser could do in a PC.There are also  some other easy way to get those. Simply by going to An other alternative way is by downloading apps like 'VT Source Viewer'. But think about the terminal window with that cheeky green window. I just love to have it. We are using 'wget' command. And if you are unaware of wget command. Just open terminal and type 'Wget -h'       Without quotes In this demonstration I am taking     which doesn't have HTTPS at current moment. Amazon. In is a popular online shopping platform. And I'm still laughing by seeing that '' doesn't have  SSL. Alright now, just open terminal. You don't need any root  access to do this stuff. And which is good. Now type Wget -qO- The -q means &#

Hacking into android platform by exploiting sqlite database

I had already told you how to access SQLite databases on Android in my previous article. Here in this article, we will have a look how we can exploit those databases to gather more sensitive informations. I felt very interesting by playing around with SQLite databases in Android and it also gives me some knowledge about how android handles databases. Among these databases, there are some highly sensitive information such like Lockscreen.db  Browser session , browser histories,  images loaded by the browser and more. We can also penetrate into apps that are installed on our device to change its value and some legitimate informations too. For example: I know some guys who where using apps like 'GameGuardian'  to hack   game scores. We doesn't need those apps to change game values if we have access to SQLite databases. But need Root Privilege. We can just go into the databases and change things like how game Guardian does in games. We can change every single information in tha

A way to access sqlite databases of Android​ platform

Lets have a small look at Android internal structure. Android comes with a different  architecture. Android library consist of *surfaces manager *ssl *sql And more. But the way that android stores an application's data is through sqlite database. It executes through dvm  and essential application's data are stored in the form of sqlite. NOTE: We are not  deeply diving into exploit SQL databases. This is just a tutorial on how you can access the databases.Anyway,I will prepare a new article on how to exploit SQL Lite databases on Android. just download  'sqlitemanager' app for android. You can find these database files in this directory. /data/data/com.example.apk/databases Or you can also access it via /data/system/user/0/com.example.apk/databases Before getting any further, there is a prerequisite. You need proper root access to do this stuff. Else you should find some other various metho

Create an awesome Navigation Bar using Html & Css

Welcome to yet another coding section of 'pro coding'. On this article,we are showing you 'how you can create a 'Navigation Bar' using 'HTML & CSS' I think you all guys are aware about a navigation bar on a website. When we are getting one to our website,you can notice some categories at the main top (header) which contains options like 'DISCLAIMER,PRIVACY & POLICY' and so more.  So here, we are making a navigation bar using HTML & CSS,. So follow my steps carefully to complete the tutorial. Now, I will explain the whole code and describe it step by step :-) The following is for making the navigation bar in row format.   Home   News   Contact   About After the HTML files, you might notice a tag 'Ul' before opening the the open brace. Well, this 'ul' tag denotes the un-odered list. For example, unordered list disposed bin mailbox menu list This code contains 'ul' tag will make the following result *unordere

Setup ApkTool environment on android for apk reverse engineering

Apktool is a utility available on android for compile/decompile android applications. It can extract dex (dalvik executable codes into) codes into smali (human readable form of dex code) For viewing dex/smali codes. You need to open those files with 920 text editor. It's my personal editor and I love it. Download 920 text editor here  Anyway, I'm thanking the developer of this app. You can meet him on xda. For setting apktool,there is a prerequisite.  You can only configure this app only by allowing Root access. And this is one of the main benefits of having root previlage :-) If you already have it,just skip this words. So lets start by downloading Apktool. You can download it from here. This is a zip file,so extract  it in your root directory of your default  storage. For eg: In your android,goto storage option a

[Solution] Couldn't sign in to Google account on android

Past  week,one of my friends assisted me for fixing an error in his phone. The problem was about, he wasn't able to connect to Playstore or Gmail on his android phone. Also,There was a pop up saying ''connection problem,try later ''. But after sometime I figured out the solution. And I'm really glad to share it.  can't connect to google,or cant sign in'. Why is it so? Well, there are few reasons for this trouble. First reason would be because you might have removed Google Play Service for some reason. Second reason would be because your Google Play Service might be outdated.  Try upgrading it. And If you're are having any system cleaner, make sure Play Service is in the white list itself. 

Root HTC desire 526G/G+ Kikat version

Warning:Rooting your android device might cause several issues.This will scramble your android device's inbuilt security .Also you will not get any further OTA update from officials.Do at your own risk! Requirements for Rooting htc 526G/G+ *)Battery above 10% ;-D *)Good internet connection :And more Likely,Patience ;-) Lets start by downloading ' KingoRoot ' app. NOTE:THIS IS 'KINGOROOT' APP.WE ARE NOT USING 'KINGROOT'. Download KINGOROOT APP from here Now enable your internet. Simply open the app. And hit ROOT NOW! This time,you might probably see a popup showing,  "There is no root files available for your device" But, We don't have to care that popup. Just hit 'continue anyway' Note:This process will take more than a time of minimum 10Minutes! Don't minimize this task or don't interrupt this. Keep the screen turned ON if possible. After sometimes you will