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Execute php programs on android | TechCraft

So as you all know that PHP is a server based programming language. Which means it can be only execute with the help of a web server.

Not only a server based one. Also,PHP is a platform independent language.  Which means, it can be executed on every  platform. It doesn't matter whether you are using' Android, linux or windows'. 

And Today on this this tutorial,  I will tell you 'how to execute php programs on android'.


*Minimum 50MB of free space on Internal storage.

That's all about the prerequisite.

Now let's move. 

In This demonstration,i'm using  'Palapa PHP' app for Android.

Install and open the app. Now install the dependencies by tapping the install button.

After everything done. Tap on 'start all services'.

After starting all services, it will bring some informations on the screen. 

The primary step is to note your PORT ADDRESS provided on the screen. 
The default port address will be 8080. And the default IP address is

The Palapa web server will create a folder called 'PWS' on your /sdcard 

Now locate the PWS folder and save your program in /www folder  in .PHP extension.

Finally,  just open your web browser.

After opening the browser,  type

http://localhost:8080 and file name in the end.

For eg: 

The port is customisable. So you could choose any available port. 

And this is how to compile PHP program on android. So I hope your programming will be more simple now. A portable PHP environment is always good.
So, 'Happy Coding' !!