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Change your device's built id and other informations

Welcome to yet another fresh article from 'TechCraft'.
Hope you all guys gone through the previous article.

'How to hack wpsenabled wifi password'.
 Don't remembr? Go here.

So, we can move forward with a new trick.

In this article, I'm going to show you all how to change your device's model number,base-band version,kernel version,Android version and other legal details with a small trick.
There are some prerequisites for this process.


*)Rooted device running 2.3x
*)Root browser,Es File Explorer.

I would recommend 'Root browser
That's it. We can move forward with the process.

First of all goto your File browser and 'Allow the root permission'.


Now,you are on the root directory. On the top notification you can see '/' this sign. Means the root.

From here just goto the 'SYSTEM' folder and thereby you will see a file named 'BUILD.PROP'

Its the android property file.
Open the property file using any text editor.

In this section you will see all the information regarding the device infos,like model number,baseband version,cpu, android version and lot more.
If your are planning to change your device model name; just change the

' as you like'

After the = sign,you can give any name or any number.
To change the device manufacture (Brad name)


You can rename 'SAMSUNG' to your own desired name.

For changing android version details.


Change the(2.3.3) to any model.
Change your device default language by editing this section.


'en' denotes 'English'
You can change 'en' to 'ru' (Russian),Spanish or whatever it is.
' May 4 02:16:07 KST 2011'
This is the date at the time when your device has manufactured. You can set the date today or any present,feature date today & time.

WARNING!- #Do not try to parse or fingerprint section.

NOTE:If you are going for any software updation or deciding to flash a new Rom, then its a wise decision  not to make any changes.

That's all about it. You have successfully changed your device informations and other legal informations :-)