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Top5 Android terminal emulator tricks & hacks to impress your friends

In this tutorial, we are actually going to play with some traditional Linux commands.
We are using Terminal Emulator app which you can download from the Google play for free. 

If your device has root access, then you are lucky I think. Now we're able to install BusyBox in our device for getting some advanced Linux utilities. Those pieces are great out of the box. 

Anyway I already have it in my device.  But don't worry,the commands that I'm about to write don't necessarily need BusyBox to be installed.
Those are inbuilt utilities.

Ever used to think about a way which we would be able to list down details of users in our connection with a single command?



'iftop' is used to view the current bandwidth on a network interface. It listens to network traffic and flow of our interface and displays all the informations.
If you are a root user and a user who has sufficient privileges to monitor network bandwidth;then i would rather you to allow su permission by typing 'su'.

The second command is df

By using df, we can simply analyse the disk usage without going to any apps.And i hope this command prompt will be an essential one.

The 'df' command is one of the useful commands that i have found from the list.
Just go to terminal then simply type 'df' to view all the information regarding your disk storage and memory spaces.
It displays the size of every single app installed and the amount of cache&data will also be displayed.

3- Power off/restart [root]

Basically we turnoff/restart our device by using hardware keys.
But think if we can poweroff or restart by using commands? I know it would be nice.

For this operation just goto our terminal and allow root permission first. Then type 'poweroff' to shutdown your device.
If you are planning for a reboot; type 'reboot'.

As usual the ping command is used for pinging a website to know whether the target is responding to our request for checking the availability.This method can be also called as 'DDOS Attack'.
*checkout-Hack websites using CMD on windows.


ping www.sitename.com
This command will bring the IP address of that website.For doing active ddos, there are some softwares available for this.'LOIC,XOIC' are some examples among them.We can also use terminal for this. 

 ping www.websitename.com -t -c1000
Although there are many security measures to prevent these kinds of attacks,its still fun. But only if we have some bots;-)

But this kind of simple attacks can't do anything.


All devices will have this command as inbuilt.This function will only work if you have root access.So,first type
then after getting su permission,type


That's it. The logs will be start displaying in your screen.

This is it for this article. Hope you guys found this helpful. I'm also deciding to write some more commands. So see you guys in my next article!

Execute C++ programs on Android;No need of pc anymore

C++ a powerful and widely using program in the world. But the compilation isn't that platform independent. In windows,we are using Turbo c++ ,Borland c++ in common.
If you are a coder,and do like to to keep your programing environment in your hands;you can follow this tutorial. This is possible if you have an android device with you. Basically,this is an older stuff. And seems like I'm bit late to post this thing here.



Yes, we can execute,compile,and debug our programs using 'ANDOSBOX' on android. We have to  thank to the 'DosBox team for their wonderful effort. 

You can run 'DosBox' from Android 2.3x . From 'HoneyComb' & up.
First of all download the DosBox and its utility  package from the below link without any redirects ;-)

 Its a zip file, so you have to extract it.
After extracting, you will get 3 files. 

One is a folder called 'TC' then a utility file and  finally the 'AnDosBox' app as well.
Now you have to move the folder 'TC' to your /Internal storage.

Also, it should be an independent folder.
Which means,it shouldn't be in a sub directory in /internal 

Eg: /internal/TC

Because,the compiler have to access the 'TC' location. So we are putting it as an independent folder.

Okay after moving 'TC',
You have to install the 'AnDosBox' app which you got when you extracted the file.

Right,we are almost done. The rest steps are easy.

Now open the 'DosBox' app the typ this command without errors.



The 'CD' command basically pointing to TC from folder.


The 'TC' is the folder that we got after extracting our zip.

TC is a utility folder.The compiler have to locate it. So TC command is mandatory.
After entering this commands. You will get the compiler window. Thereby you can enjoy coding In your smartphone. Whenever you need to reopen the app,you must enter above 3 lines of commands.

You have the option for Run,Debug,Compile and more.
The file must be saved before executing. Well,that's all about it.
Happy coding ;-)

Change your device's built id and other informations

Welcome to yet another fresh article from 'TechCraft'.
Hope you all guys gone through the previous article.

'How to hack wpsenabled wifi password'.
 Don't remembr? Go here.

So, we can move forward with a new trick.

In this article, I'm going to show you all how to change your device's model number,base-band version,kernel version,Android version and other legal details with a small trick.
There are some prerequisites for this process.


*)Rooted device running 2.3x
*)Root browser,Es File Explorer.

I would recommend 'Root browser
That's it. We can move forward with the process.

First of all goto your File browser and 'Allow the root permission'.


Now,you are on the root directory. On the top notification you can see '/' this sign. Means the root.

From here just goto the 'SYSTEM' folder and thereby you will see a file named 'BUILD.PROP'

Its the android property file.
Open the property file using any text editor.

In this section you will see all the information regarding the device infos,like model number,baseband version,cpu, android version and lot more.
If your are planning to change your device model name; just change the

'ro.product.name=Name as you like'

After the = sign,you can give any name or any number.
To change the device manufacture (Brad name)


You can rename 'SAMSUNG' to your own desired name.

For changing android version details.


Change the(2.3.3) to any model.
Change your device default language by editing this section.


'en' denotes 'English'
You can change 'en' to 'ru' (Russian),Spanish or whatever it is.
'ro.build.date=Wed May 4 02:16:07 KST 2011'
This is the date at the time when your device has manufactured. You can set the date today or any present,feature date today & time.

WARNING!- #Do not try to parse ro.build.description or fingerprint section.

NOTE:If you are going for any software updation or deciding to flash a new Rom, then its a wise decision  not to make any changes.

That's all about it. You have successfully changed your device informations and other legal informations :-)

Developer Nick Lee hacked Iphone to run Android

Wow 'Nick Lee'
You are really awesome! !
Regards from TechCraft :-)

The developers team under 'Nick Lee' has designed and built a case that can run android os on iphone.

Lee did this by modifying the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
The android version running on the iphone is 'Marshmallow'.

He edited the Marshmallow codes to run it on the ios.

As per the analysis of the newly designed iphone, it almost give same experience using a real iphone with their specially3D-printed case.

From an  interview with Lee, he told that; "He spented many hours for builting the case.
The case is the main factor. By using i that,it helped them to run Android platform on an iPhone.

One of the great advantage of this device is, we can switch iphone to android and android to ios in a single time. Basically,we can use multi-OS on a single device.

Lee also developed  series of ports for  HDMI,USB, SD Card can be also used in the case. :-$

The case seems awesome. In feature we can expect an iphone which can run also android from Lee's team ;)

Hack Any WPS enabled WI-FI network using Android (Most unique method)

Welcome to Techcraft.
In this article let's have a look at how we are actually able to crack WPA/WPS secured routers .

Well that's specific. We are only dealing with WPA/WPS P networks.
(See below screenshot)

In simple words,you could easily get the password of WPA/WPS secured network if you have a rooted android device.



WARNING: By rooting your device, you are disabling all kinds of inbuilt securities in your device. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

'BUSYBOX' consists of some basic Unix scripts  that is very essential for tweaking our device.Install any one of the compatible versions of BusyBox on your device by installing 'BusyBox' App.


This app have the ability to penetrate through your wifi network if your has enabled wps security.

Especially networks like WPA/WPS.
If your company handles some secret datas then, it is always a wise choice to remove  the wifi modem to make sure that your privacy is  not threatened.

That's all about the prerequisites.
We can now move forward.

Open your device 'WPS TESTER' app and tap on the icon at the top to turn on the wifi automatically.

Now you would see the whole networks available in your area.

Among those;if you note any wifi with a green lock,   then more likely that's breakable.

The red specifies that the network has no wps entry. Means it's safe from attacks.
So,we have to target the green one.

Now select your target and hit
 'try to connect (root)' option at the bottom.

Allow the root permission.
This time it will try all almost all breakable algorithms to connect the network.
Make sure that you are in inrage.

But i prefer atleast -60 & above.
Here in this process you need to be patient.You must have to wait 10-15 minutes.
Basically most times we have to try over and over again.

If it dosent works; tap 'try to connect' again.
(Try at least 5 times).

Anyway, i got the password after trying about 8times. So you have to be patient.

After this time you will get the password if you really did the prerequisites and other steps carefully.In my case,I got the 30 network's password by now.
Happy cracking;-)

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