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IT Quiz (latest) updated quiz questions & answers

Welcome to the 2nd part of this quiz. Lets move on. 1-Expand TRAI? *Its 'TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA' 2-Who was the chief software architecture of 'Microsoft' after  'Bill Gates'.? *)The chief was the'RAY OZZIE' 3-What will be the basic length of a CD (Compact Disc) *)its 12 Centimeters (constant) 4-Can you expand 'YAHOO' ? *) Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle 5-Which company made the first ever 'smartphone? *)IBM. Also called the 'International business machine' 6-What is the current android API Level? *)  M is for Marshmallow. API IS 23 7-Who is the current CEO of Apple ? *) Tim Cook 8-Expand 'AJAX'.It is a programming language.? *)ASynchronous Java Script 9-Who is the founder of 'MCAFEE'.? *John Mcafe 10-who is the founder of 'javascript' program.? *)- Brendan Eich 11-What is Andr

Hack any android pattern/passwords or pin without losing any data

Most often times we use a passcode,pattern or pin as our security .  But what if  I tell you that your device can be easily unlocked your  without any data loss.? Lol let's see how it works! In the first method(this isn't what we are doing here) you can unlock any android device by using 'ANDROID SDK (Software Development kit)' via CMD (Command Prompt) or either by 'ANDROID RECOVERY' So for above method, you will need a PC for installing the software development kit. But the most convenient way is always unlocking the device by using Android recovery. So I would like to continue with the second method itself. So follow the steps carefully to unlock any smartphone without losing any data. Prerequisites _/_/_/_/_/_/_/ *) Android device *)Aroma file Manager *)A custom Recovery installed  That's all about the prerequisite. Let's Move... First of all Download ' AROMA MANAGER ' from here.    [[DOWNLOAD]] N

hack any android screen and bypass the security

Welcome to yet another article. In this article we are going to play with some Android security stuff and some system files. Now I'm assuming that your device is rooted.  We all know that rooting makes our device vulnerable. By taking advantage of this vulnerability, hackers can install 'Malewares,Trojans in our device. In this article I'm taking advantage of android pattern key/password key vulnerability in a rooted device.  By this method, you can simply bypass android passcodes or patterns in android if the victim's device is rooted. So let's move forward  and see how this works.  DD any file manager. But I prefer  'Root browser' or 'ES file Explorer'. You can download Root browser  from here [[DOWNLOAD]] So let's move.. First of all open 'ROOT BROWSER' and Open the root directory.  In that moment a popup will appear asking the 'SU PERMISSION'. Now tap 'ALLOW'!   Assuming that you are in root directory.


Now let's go ahead and have a look 'How to block annoying ads in your Android device'.So  let's start Moving. *First of all make sure that you are running on ANDROID 4.0 & UP also ROOTED. NOTICE:- THIS APP WON'T RUN WITHOUT SU PERMISSION . So make sure that you device is ROOTED.  *HOW TO BLOCK ADS ON ANDROID 4.0 & UP (ICS & Up)   -------------------------------------------------------------      For this method you need to download the No:1 ad-blocker app called   ' ADAWAY ' . You could download it from here.       DOWNLOAD < >       *)Make sure that you have internet connectivity in your device.     Now open the app  and just tap on ' DOWNLOAD AND APPLY ADBLOCK'. This time it will download some utilities.     *After the process is complete, you could see a 'GREEN TICK' mark there. Which means the process is completed.     * NOW REBOOT YOUR DEVICE and open any app which have ads in it. T here