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Make any launcher as your default/inbuilt one (easy method)

Welcome everyone. Without wasting much time let's skip to the content. Well,this is an awesome trick we can apply after rooting.  I'm saying about making any installed launcher as your inbuilt by making it as a system app. 'TREBUCHET', I personally don't like this launcher. So I decided to change it . Prerequisites  ------------------------- 1-ROOTED DEVICE 2-ES FILE EXPLORER (or any file manager)  So, let's start.. NOTE:- DONOT DELETE ANY SYSTEM FILES. THAT MIGHT CAUSE DAMAGES TO YOUR DEVICE. First of all open any file browsers which can navigate through your system files like ROOT BROWSER , ES FILE EXPLORER or any thing.  I'm demonstrating with 'Es File Explorer'. *First open the root directory of our device. /SYSTEM. /SYSTEM/APPS Now download your preferred launcher. Then RENAME the launcher that your have download. if your are using ' TOUCHWIZ ' launcher as an inbuilt one, then rename the launched that you hav

Find WiFi credentials from a rooted device

Welcome to a very new hacking article ) In this article, we'll see a trick which can be used to find  anyone's WiFi credentials if there device is rooted. PREREQUISITES _%____________%_______%__ 1-ROOTED ANDROID DEVICE 2-ROOT BROWSER (Or any file manager) Assuming the targeted device connected has already connected to some WiFis. Well,this article can be also named as; 'How to find lost WiFi passwords in a rooted device'. So if your friend's device is rooted and he has  a WiFi router; you can simply find the password of his Accesspoint without any software by playing a small drama. Social engineering lol ;-) Anyway, let's begin the process. For a better result,  please follow up my steps carefully. Firstly, assuming your friend's device is rooted.  I'm here using 'ROOT BROWSER'. If you don't have Root browser, you can download it from here ��DOWNLOAD�� I'm also assuming you got physical access to your friend's root