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Enable Fast Booting in Android [Root]

Quick Boot-Reboot is an awesome application which lets us to boot our device very quickly by reducing the power off time. ________________________________ Now when coming to QUICK BOOT REBOOT, this app will really help you to bypass your booting process and make it simple and fast morethan you think. It will Comlete the shutdown process very quickly but the startup booting can't be skipped.  It's really important for the startup of the system. You could download the app from here. Download Quick BooT REBOOT APP Or Get it from- GOOGLE PLAY 》》》》》》 NOTE:-I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED BY USING THIS APP; DO IT IN YOUR OWN RISK !! ;-)

How to hide Ads from Android Apps

       AD BLOCK PLUS [ROOT] ________________________________ PREREQUIREMENTS _____________________ 1-ROOTED ANDROID PHONE 2-AD BLOCK PLUS APP 3-ENOUGH BATTERY 4-INTERNET CONNECTIVITY Let's start, NOTE: THIS TUTORIAL IS ONLY MEANT FOR ROOT USERS.   'AD BLOCK PLUS' is a wonderful app that will help you to prevent ads. DOWNLOAD AD BLOCK PLUS APP FROM HERE After downloading it, install and tap update. it will update a file. Now this might take up to  30-40 KBs.  Within 8-10 seconds, it will complete the updation. Once there is a latest update , it will inform you. It is better to enable the icon ion the notification bar.

Overlock CPU speed in Androidd Device

Welcome back my readers. In this tutorial, we are going to do some cpu tweaks.  NOTE:ROOT ACCESS IS NEEDED FOR THE FUNCTIONING OF THIS APP. As we all know the functioning of 'CPU'  (central processing unit) handles all the operations in our device. The more it handles things fast, the more fast our device is. Well that explains a lot. Perhaps,the performance of CPU maybe depends upon the device specification. S ince it  is a Hardware based equipment,we can't controll that.Even in my phone, i'm using 1.3GHZ processor as well and slow processing is slow.  We know, CPU speed is  already configured by the manufactures itself. Perhaps we can overlock that limitation and we can set the speed of our device's cpu according to our wish . We can actually controll our speed of our phone's CPU with a single app if and only if you has root access. After rooting, d ownload ' SET CPU ' app for ANDROID. S etCPU is an amazing application that puts you in control of