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Execute php programs on android | TechCraft

So as you all know that PHP is a server based programming language. Which means it can be only execute with the help of a web server. Not only a server based one. Also,PHP is a platform independent language.  Which means, it can be executed on every  platform. It doesn't matter whether you are using' Android, linux or windows'.  And Today on this this tutorial,  I will tell you 'how to execute php programs on android'. Prerequisites* *Minimum 50MB of free space on Internal storage. That's all about the prerequisite. Now let's move.  In This demonstration,i'm using  'Palapa PHP' app for Android. Install and open the app. Now install the dependencies by tapping the install button. After everything done. Tap on 'start all services'. After starting all services, it will bring some informations on the screen.  The primary step is to note your PORT AD

How to change android boot animation [easy way]»TechCraft

  Watching the same boot animation all the time is sometimes boring. It would be great if we could set our own customised theme for our device. In this tutorial I'm going to walk you through how to change Android boot animation easily. Let begin! Before getting started there's a small notice. Modifying some device elements could potentially harm your device. So we must be careful while navigating through the system files. Be brave ;) So, we can move forward with the procedure. Prerequisites. *)Rooted device *)Root browse / Es file *)Boot  *)Desired image to replace the boot image. After completing the prerequisite, Follow further steps. First of all open the file browser and allow root permission. If you are using.'ES file', choose ' Root Explorer  ' option from the left side panel to allow su permission. Now open the root directory. Once you are in the root directory,you would notice the  /System  folder. Get into it . The boot animation and medi

Flash the latest Android Marshmallow (omni) rom on galaxy tab P1000 (p1)

Yes, this is a special article for Galaxy Tab p1000 (p1) users. In this article,lets have a look 'how to flash 'omni' based 'Android MARSHMALLOW' custom rom on 'Samsung Galaxy GT-P1000' wihout assisting a pc. The 'OMNI' Rom is mainly built for those who love customizing their device. ABOUT GALAXY TAB P-1000 [specifications] DISPLAY-7.0"600x1024 480p Camera (primary)3MP 512MB RAM Chipset-Hummingbird Battery-4000mAhLi-Ion _____________________ PREREQUESTIES ___________________ *)You must be in the stock Rom based 2.3.3/2.3.6 *) OMNI ROM 6.0.1 (marshmallow) Rom file GAPPS FOR Omni  (GT-P1000) Should have Enough battery, well I don't have to mention it. That's up to you ;-) *)A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR FILES *) TWRP (team win recovery project)  must instal

Top5 Android terminal emulator tricks & hacks to impress your friends

In this tutorial, we are actually going to play with some traditional Linux commands. We are using Terminal Emulator app which you can download from the Google play for free.  If your device has root access, then you are lucky I think. Now we're able to install BusyBox in our device for getting some advanced Linux utilities. Those pieces are great out of the box.  Anyway I already  have it in my device.  But don't worry,the commands that I'm about to write don't necessarily need BusyBox to be installed. Those are inbuilt utilities. **DOWNLOAD TERMINAL EMULATOR PRO (latest)** Ever used to think about a way which we would be able to list down details of users in our connection with a single command? #PLEASE ENABLE YOUR DATA CONNECTION FOR GETTING BETTER RESULT. 1- iftop ' iftop ' is used to view the current bandwidth on a network interface. It listens to network traffic and flow of our interface and displays all the informations. If you are a root us

Execute C++ programs on Android;No need of pc anymore

C++ a powerful and widely using program in the world. But the compilation isn't that platform independent. In wi ndows,we are using Turbo c++ , Borland  c++ in common. If you are a coder,and do like to to keep your programing environment in your hands;you can follow this tutorial. This is possible if you have an android device with you. Basically,this is an older stuff. And seems like I'm bit late to post this thing here.                                                                                                   < > Yes, we can execute,compile,and debug our programs using ' ANDOSBOX ' on android. We have to  thank to the ' DosBox team for their wonderful effort.  You can run ' DosBox ' from Android 2.3x . From ' HoneyComb ' & up. First of all download the DosBox and its utility  package from the below link without any redirects ;-)  Its a zip file, so you have to extract it. After extracting, you will get 3 files. 

Change your device's built id and other informations

W elcome to yet another fresh article from 'Te chCraft '. Hope you all guys gone through the previous article. 'How to hack wpsenabled wifi password' .  Don't remembr? Go here . So, we can move forward with a new trick. In this article, I'm going to show you all how to change your device's model number, base-band version,kernel version,Android version and other legal details with a small trick. There are some prerequisites for this process.   *)Rooted device running 2.3x *) Root browser,Es File Explorer . I would recommend 'Root browser That's it. We can move forward with the process. First of all goto your File browser and 'Allow the root permission'. N OTE -IF YOU ARE USING ES FILE, YOU MUST ENABLE 'ROOT EXPLORE' OPTION ON THE SETTINGS. Now,you are on the root directory. On the top notification you can see '/' this sign. Means the root. From here just goto the 'SYSTEM' folder and thereby y

Developer Nick Lee hacked Iphone to run Android

Wow 'Nick Lee' You are really awesome! ! Regards from TechCraft :-) The developers team under 'Nick Lee' has designed and built a case that can run android os on iphone. Lee did this by modifying the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The android version running on the iphone is 'Marshmallow'. He edited the Marshmallow codes to run it on the ios. As per the analysis of the newly designed iphone, it almost give same experience using a real iphone with their specially3D-printed case. From an  interview with Lee, he told that; "He spented many hours for builting the case. The case is the main factor. By using i that,it  helped them to run Android platform on an iPhone. One of the great advantage of this device is, we can switch iphone to android and android to ios in a single time. Basically,we can use multi-OS on a single device. Checkout- Hack any WPS enabled wifi network with android® Lee also developed

Hack Any WPS enabled WI-FI network using Android (Most unique method)

Welcome to Techcraft. In this article let's have a look at how we are actually able to crack WPA/WPS secured routers . Well that's specific. We are only dealing with WPA/WPS P networks. (See below screenshot) In simple words,you  could easily get the password of WPA/WPS secured network if you have a rooted android device. Prerequisites: *ROOTED ANDROID DEVICE RUNNING ON 4.1 AND UP. WARNING: By rooting your device, you are disabling all kinds of inbuilt securities in your device. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! *) BUSYBOX INSTALLED ' BUSYBOX ' consists of some basic Unix scripts  that is very essential for tweaking our device.Install any one of the compatible versions of BusyBox on your device by installing 'BusyBox' App. Finally, *)WPA/WPS TESTER APP This app have the ability to penetrate through your wifi network if your has enabled wps security. Especially networks like WPA/WPS. If your company handles some secret datas th

IT Quiz (latest) updated quiz questions & answers

Welcome to the 2nd part of this quiz. Lets move on. 1-Expand TRAI? *Its 'TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA' 2-Who was the chief software architecture of 'Microsoft' after  'Bill Gates'.? *)The chief was the'RAY OZZIE' 3-What will be the basic length of a CD (Compact Disc) *)its 12 Centimeters (constant) 4-Can you expand 'YAHOO' ? *) Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle 5-Which company made the first ever 'smartphone? *)IBM. Also called the 'International business machine' 6-What is the current android API Level? *)  M is for Marshmallow. API IS 23 7-Who is the current CEO of Apple ? *) Tim Cook 8-Expand 'AJAX'.It is a programming language.? *)ASynchronous Java Script 9-Who is the founder of 'MCAFEE'.? *John Mcafe 10-who is the founder of 'javascript' program.? *)- Brendan Eich 11-What is Andr